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Voi Swarm


What is Voi Swarm?

Voi Swarm is a set of scripts and configurations that allows a user to easily join the Voi network as a participant.

Tenets for the Voi Swarm package are:

  1. Offer easy ways for users to operate and maintain their nodes as healthy participants in the Voi network.
  2. Provide a simple and easy way to onboard new participants.
  3. The package should be as cheap as possible to run for individual participants.

To achieve this, the package is an opinionated way to join the network, and may thus not be suitable for all use cases.


  • Effortless Installation: Deploy a Voi node on Linux with a single command.
  • Rapid Deployment: Built for swift setup and onboarding.
  • Automatic Updates: Seamless application of Docker image updates.
  • Health Monitoring: System auto-restarts the node if needed.
  • Optional Notification: Get notified when actions are required.
  • Economical: Supports arm64 and amd64 (x86_64).


This project is licensed under AGPL-3.0.